Fingerprinting Requirements


California public school employees and substitutes must be fingerprinted, and a criminal background clearance must be received by the employing school district and county office prior to new employees and substitutes rendering paid services.

If you have been fingerprinted for the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, have a Certificate of Clearance, or are enrolled in a credential program and have been fingerprinted for the Commission, you will still need to be fingerprinted by the district and/or county office of education.  Every employing agency has live scan authorization forms preprinted with their individual names and codes. These forms authorize the DOJ to forward clearance information for prospective employees or substitutes to that particular agency.

Live Scan forms for credentialing purposes are available at the Modoc County Office of Education.  You will need to make an appointment with the Modoc County Sheriff's Office, 530.233.4416 to have your Live Scan form completed.

Individuals who have been convicted of serious and/or violent crimes are precluded from being hired by California public school districts.

Individuals who are awaiting trial for serious and/or violent crimes are also precluded from rendering service in California public schools until the matter has been legally concluded.