Pertinent Information of Employment

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To:        Modoc County Office of Education Staff

From:    Tim Hoff, HR Director (233-7168)

Re:         Truncated version of Annual Mandated Topics/Pertinent Information of Employment

(All topics listed below are thoroughly explained within association handbooks, and
specific topics are linked on the MCOE website under Human Resource Dept.).

Alcohol/Drug Free Workplace

  • Distribution, dispensing, possession, or being under the influence of any alcoholic beverage
    or controlled substance is prohibited.
  • Use of any tobacco product while on school grounds is prohibited.
  • Prescription medication requires the employee to take precaution and use good judgment
    in determining if s/he can function properly at work while on such medication.

Child Abuse Reporting

  • Reasonable suspicion of child/student abuse (physical, sexual, emotional, etc.) requires the employee to report ASAP by phone to Child Protective Service (and) within 36 hours of reporting the alleged abuse, complete and send in the written report form (consult school secretaries for the form). Failure to report suspected abuse accrues substantial liabilities.  Important phone contacts are provided below:
   Modoc  Siskiyou
 CPS  530-233-6501  530-842-7388
 Sheriff’s Dept.   530-233-6266  530-964-2394
 530-233-4416  530-842-4141
 Police Dept.  530-233-2011  530-667-5284

Harassment Allegations

  • DO NOT vocalize any statement(s)/comment(s), posture any stance via gesturing, or display any material(s) that could be perceived (to any degree) by another individual as harassment.

First Aid Claims

  • The extent/degree of a work related injury (as reported by employee) will be determined by the attending physician or nurse practitioner.

“Any one time treatment, and any follow-up visit for the purpose of observation of minor scratches, cuts, burns, splinters, or other minor industrial injury, which does not ordinarily require medical care. This one-time treatment, and follow up visit for the purpose of observation, is considered first-aid even though provided by a physician or registered professional personnel.” – Keenan Associates.

Worker’s Compensation
  • Definition: Any injury/illness occurring at or caused on-the-job.
  • When to Report: Immediately. Call MCOE Human Resource Administrative Assistant @ 233-7103 and complete the necessary forms as indicated.
  • Possible Benefits: Medical care, replace lost wages (generally 2/3 of average weekly wage), permanent disability, rehabilitation services, death benefits.

Uniform Complaint Policy

  • Any employee may file a written complaint with the Assistant Superintendent. The
    complaint should be submitted ASAP but no later than 6 months from the alleged
    occurrence. The Assistant Superintendent will investigate and respond within 60 days of
    receipt of compliant.


  • All MCOE classroom volunteers must first be fingerprinted before clearance can be obtained to serve as either a teaching volunteer or an instructional assistant volunteer. A record check will be made by local law enforcement and/or DOJ.

Evaluation Procedures

  • MCTA: Employees who are new hires or who have worked less than two consecutive years for MCOE will be evaluated each year. Employees who have worked consecutively for MCOE for three or more years will be evaluated every other year or earlier at the discretion of management.
  • CSEA: Probationary employees are evaluated once every six months. Permanent employees may be evaluated annually or every other year pending the decision of management.
  • Central Office Staff: Evaluations are conducted annually or every other year pending the decision of management.
Health/Safety Modules
  • All MCOE employees are required via the IIPP insurance broker, Keenan, to complete yearly assigned computer modules (listed below) for employee awareness of safety and wellness while at work. The modules are located via the website:
  • Your user name and password are your last 4 digits of social security number followed by the first letter of your last name (e.g., 1234H). 
  • To obtain certification of completion, the employee will listen to the presentation of each module, take and pass the quiz associated with the module, print their certificate and submit their certificate to Sonya Murphy, Human Resource Administrative Assistant for supervisor’s signature and placement in the employee’s personnel file.
  • Modules: General Ethics in the workplace= 24 minutes; Slips, Trips, & Falls (refresher) = 20 minutes; Bloodborne Pathogens Prevention (refresher) = 15 minutes; Hazar Communication = 26 minutes; Stress Management = 29 minutes. Completion of the seven modules is required by December 19. 2014.

Dress Code

MCOE employees, who interface frequently with the public, should give extra consideration to the appropriateness of their appearance and overall apparel when reporting to work.  Appearance and attire should make a proper impression to the public. Neatness and  cleanliness are expected. Apparel worn must not cause a distraction to others or create an unsafe situation; applying common sense is mandatory in all job classifications.

Employee Conduct

  • As an MCOE employee you are expected to be reliable & punctual, illustrate professional etiquette at all times, follow rules of proper conduct without deviation, and be determined to meet every objective/directive of your immediate supervisor. Inappropriate and/or unprofessional behavior will result in disciplinary procedures as delineated in the Educational Code 44932, 44933, 45116 and/or Superintendent Policy and CSEA agreement.
Minimum Day
Two types of minimum days exist for employees working within school districts/sites.
  1. A minimum school day that precedes a major holiday which is observed by your school district or site: Employees are dismissed when students and teachers leave and are not required to make up the time.
  2. A minimum day observed by your school district or site for the purposes of teacher parent conference dates: Employees are required to complete their assigned work hours either on that day or make up the hours with their supervising teacher no later than two weeks from the date of the teacher-parent conference (form attached).

Material Safety Data Sheets (located on MCOE website under HR Dept.)

The Hazard Communication Program provides awareness and detailed information to employees concerning specific chemicals used or contained within their working environment. Modoc COE Hazardous Materials Inventory are site/location specific and are accessible via

Injury/Illness Prevention Program (located on MCOE website under HR Dept.)

The Injury/Illness Prevention Program is designed to cultivate and maintain a culture of safety for all COE employees. It is intended to:
  1. ensure a safe working environment for employees via semi-annual supervisor inspections, 
  2. decrease potential disease, illness, injury and harmful exposures while at work, 
  3. reduce workers’ compensation claims, and
  4. circumvent costly penalties associated with non-compliance of Health and Safety Codes.

The Bloodborne Pathogen Program seeks to inform employees of the risks of Occupational Exposure (i.e., contact with blood or Other Potential Infectious Materials – OPIM). All bodily fluids are to be considered infectious, and therefore precautionary measures (i.e., wearing gloves, using disinfectant wipes, using a face shield, accessing bloodborne kits to clean up the fluids/materials,) are required of COE employees when encountering such fluids/materials. Employees who have endured an exposure incident (i.e., where blood or OPIM have entered the employee through a cut in the skin, in their eye, through their mucous membrane, etc.) must report the incident to their supervisor or MCOE ASAP, seek medical treatment ASAP, and complete Post Exposure Follow-Up Report (p. 20 – attached and accessible via MCOE website) and submit to the HR Dept. Indicate acceptance or declination of Hepatitis B vaccination (forms attached) submit signed form to HR Dept. ASAP once decision is made.

Sonya Murphy,
Aug 7, 2014, 4:15 PM