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Fresno couple battles over special education son's expulsion

posted May 4, 2012, 11:26 AM by Gary Jones
(Jumping into the middle of the article)

The family appealed to the Fresno County Board of Education, whose five members found there was evidence that was improperly excluded or that could not have been produced at the expulsion hearing. They deemed the hearing unfair, voted unanimously to overturn the expulsion and ordered the district to expunge his record.

Fresno Unified challenged the board’s decision in court; the case is pending.

Meanwhile, a due process decision issued last month by the Office of Administrative Hearings has further entangled the district and family in a legal morass.

Administrative law Judge Peter Paul Castillo invalidated the district’s manifestation determination review – the disciplinary hearing that allowed the district to expel the boy. That voided the expulsion as well.

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