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Modoc County Fiscal Restoration Plan

posted Nov 8, 2011, 2:46 PM by Gary Jones   [ updated Nov 9, 2011, 7:08 AM ]
A copy of the county's fiscal recovery plan is provided as a PDF document HERE.

The Modoc County Superintendent of Schools' written comments read to the Modoc County Board of Supervisors on November 8, 2011 are provided below:

I stand to commend the Board and CAO [County Administrative Officer]. After two and a half years, we have a foundational document for a fiscal recovery plan. The document expresses a rational and measured response to a pattern of tragic events. I am certain that various interests will be critical about aspects of the plan and its thrust, much more critical about the solutions offered and the actions required than the current state of the county’s finances and practices of interfund borrowing. I look forward to offering whatever expertise I can to the Board and CAO in terms of assistance and constructive criticism to help the county move in a correct direction toward a multifaceted solution.

The painfully long time that has passed and years of floundering in darkness must end. The ridiculous question “What else could have been done?” provided to the citizens both as a statement and a reason for past actions, poor decisions, and misconduct needs to be answered and set aside, once and for all.

What else could have been done? How about honesty? Mr. Charlton [former CAO] is praised for the simple fact that he exposed a crisis of management, a crisis of leadership, a crisis of oversight on the parts of many. Mr. Charlton did what we are all supposed to do, speak the truth.

What else could have been done? How about developing a fiscal recovery plan sooner rather than later?

What else could have been done? How about not using Auerbach vs. the County of Los Angeles to justify practices of the past?

What else could have been done? How about supporting the department heads who understood the gravity of the problem and demanded solutions, rather than supporting those protecting their own interests?

We could go on, but this is the bottom line. Anyone who says “What else could have been done?” is not worthy of a leadership position or an advisory role to the Board or CAO. “What else could have been done?” is an excuse to shake it all off and do little, and criticize those who are willing to offer solutions.

Thank you again for developing, and making public, a plan to find solutions.

Chester [Robertson, CAO], I will do anything I can to help you and the county.

Gary L. Jones
Modoc County Superintendent of Schools