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Modoc Child and Family Resources

Child and Family Resources
The Modoc Child & Family Resources is a private, community-based, non-profit agency offering three programs throughout Modoc County. At least 80% of funding goes toward programs and services benefiting 1,000 families and children each year. The agency is headquartered in Alturas with programs in Alturas, Surprise Valley, and Tulelake.

Our family & community services build resilient children and families. Being a parent presents special challenges and joys. Some parents are faced with even harder challenges such as having a child with developmental disabilities, living in poverty, or not being able to provide basic needs for their children. Our in-home Family Support Specialists teach parents how to be the best parents they can be despite theses challenges.

Our Youth programs teach teens how to be leaders on their school campuses. They also teach teens about safe sex and how to make the best choices for themselves and their bodies.

Our services for child care providers help them provide the highest quality child care possible. Investment in quality and early childhood care saves money by increasing the likelihood that children will be literate, employed, enrolled in post secondary education, and less likely to be school dropouts, dependent on welfare or arrested for criminal activity.


De Funk
Director of State Preschools

Karla Wroe
Modoc Child and Family Resource Center
139 Henderson St. 
Alturas Ca, 96101

530-233-7133 (Fax)