SEALS Expanded Learning Program

Did You Know? 
If your child attends all 180 days of S.E.A.L.S. that equals 90 extra academic days! And the peak time for youth crime is between the hours of 3-6 p.m. Keep your kids safe and sign them up today. 

Sites We Serve

Program Coordinator for AES/MMS/SVE: 
   Brittany Thomas

Alturas Elementary School (K-5)
530-233-7201 x 216

Site Coordinator: 
    Whitney Ponti

Project Leaders:

    Lexi Torres - Tk/K

    Roseann Gracza

    Erin Stockton

Instructional Assistant:

  Jose Torres

Modoc Middle School(6-8)

Project Leaders:

 Alicia Prewitt 

   (530) 233-7201 x303

Instructional Assistant:

  Patrick Torres

Surprise Valley Elementary (K-8)
Site Coordinator:
    Ana McGinness
    (530) 279-6161 x 27
Project Leaders:
    Rebecca Lopez
    Juana Sanchez
    Cassie Albrecht
Instructional Assistant

Please, always have a photo ID on hand when picking up your child. There are days when we will have substitutes on site and they will need to check for ID before your child can be released to you or anyone else on your emergency form. 

AES & MMS: MJUSD has asked that we inform all parent/guardians that if you are picking your child up from SEALS prior to 3:00pm, it is required that you check in a the main office of the AES and get a visitor pass. 

SVES/JR: SVJUSD has asked that all doors be kept locked. You will need to knock when picking up your child.

Registration forms are available at each SEALS room, at AES, MMS, SV or the Child & Family Resource building at 136 Henderson Street, Alturas, CA.

The faces of SEALS!

S.E.A.L.S -- Student Enrichment Actively Leading to Success
S.E.A.L.S. provides a safe and enriching environment after school. Students experience a balanced program that includes academics, enrichment and recreation curriculum.

Program Components
1. Healthy Snack
2. Academics
3. Enrichment

The main focus of the S.E.A.L.S. is to provide a SAFE environment where the participants have FUN and feel COMFORTABLE. We also want to provide an environment that ENRICHES children by providing them with new experiences. We also strive to provide kids with a homework time, where they can get extra help and get their homework done at the program.

The components of the program are designed to provide youth with the opportunity to:

1. Stay in a safe environment with positive adult role models during the after school hours.

2. Socialize with their peers in a healthy manner.

3. Receive assistance with homework.

4. Engage in enriching activities that may otherwise not be available during school hours.

5. Learn sportsmanship and fair play as they participate in recreational activities.

6. Learn how to engage in a healthy lifestyle through prevention activities.

7. Become actively involved in their community.

Our program is constantly changing. S.E.A.L.S. offerings and activities may be modified at any time to best suit the needs of our students.
With the above paradigm and guidelines, we believe, together, we will continue to provide a quality after school program.

Parent Testimonials
We encourage all parents of our participants to submit parent testimonials, so that we stay up to date on what our strengths and weaknesses are. Testimonials can be submitted to your SEALS Site Coordinator. 

"The SEALS program has provided my child a safe place to be during the hours after school while I am at work. I am also satisfied with the way SEALS has changed over the years to include a homework time"   AES Parent

"My son is always saying how much he enjoys the after school program. He really enjoys Ryan (project leader) and how nice she is. The staff are always nice and polite and very good at communicating my sons good and bad days. They do awesome projects and my son enjoys the movies they watch" AES Parent

"They do a wonderful job" AES Parent

"The after school program is a life savor for me. If I'm working or coaching my kids attend and they enjoy it, plus for me they arrive home with their homework completed. The teachers are all very good with the kids and keep them busy with fun activities. It's so affordable and a great program for kids and parents" AES Parent

Misti Norby   
Deputy Superintendent

Karla Wroe