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Credential Information

Modoc County Office of Education serves as the local agency approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) to register and monitor the credentials of personnel hired by the county school districts for positions requiring administrative, teaching, service, and special education credentials as well as other permits and certificates.
The county office of education supports and assists public school districts, certificated employees and credential applicants in Modoc County.


Sonya Murphy
Administrative Assistant / Credential Technician
139 Henderson St.
Alturas, CA 96101
Phone: 530.233.7101
Fax:     530.233.7165
Child Development Permits

Child Development Permits

First Time Child Development Permits:
  • Completed 41-4 Application for Credential form
  • If applicable, an original verification of experience form
  • If applicable, family child care experience form CL-878 and verification of family child care attendance form CL-877
  • Official college transcripts verifying education requirements. Classes must be posted on your transcripts with a grade of "C" or better.
  • Fingerprints submitted to the CCTC using their Live Scan form. A copy of this form will be needed to be submitted with your application packet.
  • Completed application for reimbursement of Live Scan fingerprinting fee
  • If applicable, completed Master Teacher Specialization Designation form
  • If the Child Development Training Consortium is going to pay the filing fee, you will need to provide their forms in addition to the CCTC forms.
Documents required to upgrade your Child Development Permit:
  • A money order payable to CTC (Commission on Teacher Credentialing)
  • A completed 41-A Application for Credential form
  • Official transcripts showing required semester units, appropriate degree, or credential
  • If applicable, an original verification of experience form
  • If the Child Development Training Consortium is going to pay the filing fee, you will need to provide their forms in addition to CTC 
  • No further fingerprinting is required
 Credentialing Lookup

 Credentialing Lookup

  • Anyone can search for California teacher credential information by going to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing website.
  • Credential holders and applicants, their recommending institutions, and their employers may check application and credential status.
There are two ways to look up a credential:
  • By first and last name.  This information is available to the public.  Anyone can look up a teacher’s current credential(s) by using their first and last name.
  • By birth date and Social Security Number.  This option is available to an individual or school district personnel.  This search will bring up all documents ever held in California for an individual.
It is important that employing school districts verify credentials when hiring new staff.
Credential Registration

Credential Registration

Local employing agencies must keep records of appropriate certification for all individuals serving in a position that requires certification.  Education Code Section 44430 requires individuals to register their documents with their employing agency and their county office of education.
In the Spring 2008, the Commission on Teacher Credentialing discontinued the printing of credential documents.  The Commission will only post official credential information online and will no longer provide a paper copy of the document.
The following documents will be accepted for registration:
  • An original, current and valid document issued prior to Spring 2008.  Photocopies will not be accepted.
  • A document printed from the Commission’s website.  The county office or school district will verify the authenticity of the document by accessing the Commission’s website.
Credential Renewal

Credential Renewal

Substitute permits, some child development permits, and all professional and clear credentials must be renewed online through the CTC website. Renewing online 3 (three) months prior to the expiration date usually allows enough time for the document to be granted and downloaded to our payroll system. Be sure to print the last screen containing the 16 digit confirmation number.
In the event that your credential/permit has already expired or the Commission's website won't allow you to renew online, you will need to obtain and process the renewal form (41-REN) through the Credentials office at the Modoc County Office of Education.  The renewal fee is currently $55 payable to CTC by check, money order or cashiers check.
English Learners

English Learners

The local employing agency determines if a student needs English Learner (EL) services.  A teacher assigned to teach these student(s) will need an authorization for instruction to teach English Learners in addition to authorization in the content area of instruction.  State laws do not provide exemptions for a subject area, setting, or particular number of ELs needing services in a class, including designated subjects/career technical education classes.  If a teacher is teaching a class with at least one English learner, that teacher must have an authorization to provide EL services.
Additional information regarding English Learners is available.
Fingerprinting Requirements

Fingerprinting Requirements

California public school employees and substitutes must be fingerprinted, and a criminal background clearance must be received by the employing school district and county office prior to new employees and substitutes rendering paid services.
If you have been fingerprinted for the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, have a Certificate of Clearance, or are enrolled in a credential program and have been fingerprinted for the Commission, you will still need to be fingerprinted by the district and/or county office of education.  Every employing agency has live scan authorization forms pre-printed with their individual names and codes. These forms authorize the DOJ to forward clearance information for prospective employees or substitutes to that particular agency.
Live Scan forms for credentialing purposes are available at the Modoc County Office of Education. 
Individuals who have been convicted of serious and/or violent crimes are precluded from being hired by California public school districts.
Individuals who are awaiting trial for serious and/or violent crimes are also precluded from rendering service in California public schools until the matter has been legally concluded.