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Why is Early Intervention Important? 

"With active parent involvement, [it] can significantly reduce the potential impact of many disabling conditions, and positively influence later development when the child reaches school age" and shows gains in all areas of need. - California Special Education Programs: A Composite of Laws, 2000 (California Department of Education)

What can Early Childhood Special Education do for my child and family?
Provide assessments to determine eligibility for Special Education services 
Provide instruction in the following areas of need: 
Speech & Language 
Developmental delay 
Physical development 
Social-emotional development 
Other concerns 
Link families to local and state resources that may help your child 
Coordinate your child's specialized educational services
If you are concerned about the development of a child you know - ages birth to 6 - or want more information about Special Education for young children, please contact our Early Intervention Program staff at (530) 233-7137, or call the SELPA Administrative Assistant at (530) 233-7110.
When will we teach our children what they are? 
One should be able to say to them: 
Do you know what you are? 
You are a marvel! 
You are unique! 
In all the world there is not another child exactly like you! 

Pablo Casals (1867-1973) 
Spanish Cellist and Composer
Focus & Philosophy
Children learn through play. 
Children of all abilities are welcome!
The Alturas Community Playgroup is committed to offering a weekly gathering that offers a positive, fun, nurturing, safe and stimulating program devoted to each child's growth, success and self esteem. It will help to foster discovery and curiosity. (See a copy of the brochure in the section below.)
Children will be provided with enjoyable play experiences that will help them to advance socially, intellectually, physically and emotionally.
Adults will have the opportunity to make new friends, practice parenting skills and be part of a supportive network in the Alturas Community. (Parents and/or caregivers are to remain on site with their children at all times.)
A bi-weekly newsletter will be published and will contain articles on parenting skills, family activities and just fun things to share! (Copies of these newsletters can be found in the section below.)
EI staff
Timmarie Blankenship
Early Intervention Teacher
Phone: (530) 233-7137
Fax: (530) 233-7146
Alturas Community Playgroup
Children ages birth to 5
1100 W. 4th Street, Alturas