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Special Education/SELPA

Who is eligible for Special Education services? 
A student must be evaluated and identified as having a disability to be eligible for Special Education programs and related services. The degree of the student's impairment must require Special Education.
How is a child referred for services?
The referral of a student for Special Education assessment may be initiated or submitted by, or as a result of:
School screening programs, such as vision, hearing, and speech and language;
Student Success Team (SST);
Direct referral from parents; or
Direct referrals from agencies or individuals having knowledge of an individual with exceptional needs.

Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA)
The Modoc County SELPA provides quality leadership and support to the three school districts served by the Modoc County Office of Education (Modoc JUSD, Surprise Valley JUSD, and Tulelake Basin JUSD), our county parents, and our county students by promoting and insuring delivery of services to maximize and enhance educational opportunities for children with special needs.

We ensure that Special Education services are available to all eligible children residing within our service area. Through our Child Find process, we attempt to identify, locate, and evaluate infants, children, and youth - ages birth to 22 - who are suspected of having of have a diagnosed disability or developmental delay.

If you are concerned about the development of a child you know - ages birth to 6 - or want more information about Special Education for young children, please refer to our Early Intervention section for more information.

The SELPA staff are always available as a resource to parents. Refer to our Parent Resources section for more information.

Please feel free contact us if you have any questions.
SELPA Documents

SELPA Documents

Monica and Hannah - SELPA
Hannah Curcio
SELPA Director 
Monica Flournoy Wisser
Administrative Assistant 
Phone: (530) 233-7110 
Fax: (530) 233-7165