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Workability I

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School & Job
Job Skills Start Here ...
The purpose of WorkAbility I

To help students enter the world of work
Provide government-funded training and wages for special education students
Teach employment skills to high school students while they complete their education
Match students with suitable employment opportunities
What does WorkAbility provide?

Assessments and evaluation of students' interests and abilities
Job readiness training and vocational training for students
Careful screening of applicants, placement assistance, continual follow-up 
and monitoring of student performance
Workers' Compensation Insurance Coverage
The WorkAbility Process
Job Search: Locate potential employers among businesses in the local communities.
Applications: Assist with job applications and forms required for employment. Review performance prior to actual interview.
Legal Documents: Help prepare and submit necessary legal documents.
Employment: Provide job coaching and assist with any problems that may arise on the job.
On the Job: The WorkAbility I Coordinator will help you if a problem arises and will make site visits during your work experience.

Legal Forms Required
Work Permit
Copy of Social Security Card
Release Forms (for travel to job and photo / web page)
Employment Eligibility Verification
Release of Job History

Labor Laws
Ages 14 and 15
3 hours per day on any school day
8 hours on any non-school day
Maximum of 18 hours per week
Ages 16 and 17
4 hours per day on any school day
8 hours on any non-school day or on any day preceding a non-school day
Maximum of 48 hours per week

Occupational Restrictions
Students under age 18 may not operate motor vehicles, bakery equipment, woodworking machinery, hoist, forklifts, shears, nor any power-driven machinery including saws and paper-shredders.

Occupations not allowed include logging, sawmill work, roofing, demolition, metal forming, tire-changing, punch press, and shearing.

Note: Employers have copies of Labor Laws.
For more information on this program, contact:
Program Director
Misti Norby
(530) 233-7101
Program Coordinator 
Tara Yarberry
(530) 233-7101
Career Specialist - Modoc Joint Unified School District
Deena Gentry
(530) 233-7101 ext. 1402

Career Specialist - Tulelake Basin Joint Unified School District
Veronica Renfro
(530) 667-2292